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SFPC: Sex Ed

Melanie Hoff
Elizabeth Perez, Daemonum X , Venus Cuffs, Belinda Adam, Sophie Lewis, Nahee Kim, Rebelle Cunt, Es Leso
August 1, 2022 to August 12, 2022 (10 classes)
6-9pm ET
Performance Space (150 1st Ave. 4th floor - New York NY) and Amant (315 Maujer St - Brooklyn NY)
$1400 Scholarships available
Applications closed on July 1, 2022

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The School for Poetic Computation proudly presented, SFPC: Sex Ed, a pleasure and queer centered experiment in shared study and epistemic empowerment. At SFPC: Sex Ed, we believe pleasure is knowledge and its study is sacred. Like the School for Poetic Computation, SFPC: Sex Ed was about unlearning harmful social programming of traditional educational environments as much as it is about art and code. We welcomed our community to participate in a program unlike any other.  This program was a direct response to creating the kinds of educational spaces we never had, but always sought. Many of us would benefit from actively determining our own sex education outside of systemic governing bodies like the state, public and private schools, or legal guardians, as well as interpersonal relationships like the person(s) who you're having sex with. Everyone deserves non-sexual, platonic and friendly spaces to learn and explore sexuality and pleasure informed by cultural understandings of sex, gender, class and race and how our identities relate to sexual desires, practices and kink.

Images courtesy of teachers, participants, class documentarians and guests.



SFPC: Sex Ed is an invitation to study the power and poetry of erotic arts, and to imagine new ways of choreographing sexual energy into your life now and into the future. Classes are designed to raise more questions than they answer. SFPC: Sex Ed is not a cruising space–look elsewhere if this is what you seek.

Through a balanced, interwoven study of gender, sexuality, consent, power play, feminist theory, sexual health, pregnancy, and sex work, participants will engage in open discussion, movement workshops, drawing and dreaming exercises, resource sharing, and collective knowledge building. Anonymity of all participants will be protected without explicit consent given. Stigma surrounding sex is real and will be discussed.

We will work together to create boundaries that make it easier for everyone involved to feel as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the session. SFPC: Sex Ed studies the very systems that create barriers to safety, pleasure, and healing. The process of direct confrontation with these barriers can feel uncomfortable. As with pleasure, we understand safety is relative and in constant negotiation. We also distinguish safety from discomfort, as there is no such thing as a never uncomfortable space (we learned this from the NYC Transformative Justice Hub). A special Community Agreement designed for SFPC: Sex Ed will be activated on the first day of session to hold our space.

Through conversation, education, consent, and play, we hope to explore pleasure studies with you.

Course of Study

Classes will be hosted by two incredible NYC venues, Performance Space and Amant Foundation. Weekly classes will take place in the evenings from 6-9pm with a break in the middle. There will always be two organizers present in every class to support participants and teachers. There will be an afternoon class gathering from 1-4pm on August 13th. Classes will culminate in a final showcase at a date to be determined in the near future. After the program ends, participants will have an optional 1 week residency from August 15-19 at Performance Space. The Sex Ed syllabus includes the following:

  • Orientation and Opening Sex Chat
  • Sex Ed 101
  • Health and Protection
  • Reproduction, Childbirth, Parenting & Family Abolition
  • Open Studio
  • Sex Work Studies
  • BDSM 101
  • Intro to Shibari
  • Fantasy Genitals
  • Closing Sex Chat
  • Showcase
  • 1-Week Residency at Performance Space


Participants will be expected to:

  • Attend every class in person and participate in discussions about readings and current events with an open mind and critical eye respectful of participants varying cultural backgrounds, identities, and sexualities

Participants will NOT be expected to:

  • Share intimate details of pertaining to their personal sex and relationships without consent

Participants will be invited to:

  • Contribute questions and responses to a sex advice column
  • Participate in a final showcase open to the public

Is this session for me?

This session may be for you if you:

  • Are tired of learning about sex exclusively from partners, porn, and friends
  • Are committed to developing, deepening, and defining what an embodied sense of what consent means to you
  • Are interested in gaining the vocabulary, best practices, and community to explore your sexual desires and kinks safely
  • Are angry about what you and your friends may have more easily avoided if pleasure and queer centered sex education were more accessible
  • Are interested in making informed decisions about pregnancy and raising children
  • Are curious what the world would be like if sex played a much different role in society—if sex was practiced differently without stigma and emphasized cultivating sexual pleasure
  • Believe that sex can be magic

The session may NOT be for you if you:

  • Are not able to attend all of the classes
  • Are not open to talking about or seeing sexually explicit material
  • Do not have the capacity to have an intimate, potentially emotional, life changing and affirming experience
  • Are looking to find sexual or romantic dates or partners—this is a platonic space and those who break the community agreement will be asked to leave
  • Are not prepared to center the voices of marginalized and oppressed participants and teachers
  • Are transphobic, whorephobic, homophobic, fatphobic, slut-shaming, racist, ableist, or engage in any other discriminatory practices

About the Venues

Over the last 4 decades, Performance Space New York (formerly Performance Space 122) has been propelling cultural, theoretical, and political discourse forward. Founded in 1980, Performance Space became a haven for many queer and radical voices shut out by a repressive, monocultural mainstream and conservative government whose neglect exacerbated the emerging AIDS epidemic’s devastation. Carrying forward the multitudinous visions of these artists who wielded the political momentum of self-expression amidst the intensifying American culture wars, Performance Space is one of the birthplaces of contemporary performance as it is known today. Together with artists and communities, they have been presenting interdisciplinary works that dissolve the borders of performance art, dance, theater, music, visual art, poetry and prose, ritual, nightlife, food, film, and technology.

Accessibility: Performance Space New York is ADA compliant with a no step entry at 150 1st Avenue. They have level access from the sidewalk and an elevator that leads to the fourth floor spaces. Public restrooms are located on the same floor as the performance spaces and are multi-stall, gender neutral, and wheelchair accessible with handrails on the left side. Assisted Listening Devices are available on the ground floor at the Box Office. Service Animals are gladly welcomed.

Amant is a non-profit arts organization in Brooklyn, New York City founded in 2019. They are a non-collecting institution that fosters experimentation and dialogue through exhibitions, public programs, and artist residencies.

Accessibility: Amant’s entry at 315 Maujer Street is step-free and suitable for wheelchair users. Their galleries, bookstore, and restroom facilities are also wheelchair accessible.

Covid-19 Safety and Precautions

Participants will be required to provide proof of up-to-date vaccination status (including boosters) to attend. Participants, teachers and staff are expected to be masked during class. Before the first day of class and final showcase, all participants will be expected to show a negative result on a Covid test.

Meet the Teachers & Guests

organizer and teacher

Melanie Hoff

As an artist, educator, and organizer, Melanie studies the role that technology plays in social organization and in reinforcing hegemonic structures. They are co-director of the School for Poetic Computation and a founding member of Hex House and the Cybernetics Library. Melanie strives to cultivate spaces of learning and feeling that encourage honesty and reconciliation for the ways we are shaped by systems of gender, racialization, class, and the trauma these systems inscribe upon our bodies.

they/them · website · twitter · instagram


Elizabeth Perez

Elizabeth is a mother, multidisciplinary designer and educator interested in the confluence of motherhood, world-building, and the possibilities of design. She is currently a Part Time Faculty Member at Parsons School of Design and completing a postdoctoral fellowship at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where she earned her master’s. Elizabeth lives and loves in Brooklyn, NY with her son.

she/her · website · twitter · instagram


Daemonum X

Daemonum X is a femme leatherdyke and lifestyle Dominant. She is a polyamory and BDSM coach offering strategies for successful relationships. She is the founder and Editrix of FIST, an anthology zine for leatherdykes, as well as Linked, A Polyamory Zine. More of her words on BDSM and power exchange can be found in Them, Autostraddle, and her newsletter. Daemonum X lives in Brooklyn with her two dogs.

she/her · website · twitter · instagram


Venus Cuffs

Venus Cuffs is a HBIC, Nightlife Personality and Nightlife Producer. This “Nightlife Mogul” (Paper Magazine) has taken Nightlife spaces and transformed them in NYC. Featured in Paper Magazine, NY Post, Daily Mail, New York Times, Them, + More.

She/They · twitter · instagram


Belinda Adam

Born in Indonesia of Chinese/Indonesian descent and now based in NYC, Belinda Adam (she/they) is a queer immigrant performing artist, erotic energy worker, tantra and kink practitioner. As a multidisciplinary artist, their work draws from a queer immigrant woman perspective aiming to manifest the unconditioned truths in all bodies towards collective healing and liberation. They are a 2022 Gallim Moving Artist Residency Award recipient, 2022 Stephen Petronio Residency Award Recipient, and a 2020 Artist of Exceptional Merit from The Asian American Arts Alliance. Upon moving to NYC in 2015, Adam worked with BitterSuite UK at BAM and Designated Movement Company, featured in NYTimes. They have appeared in commercials of VICE-iD, THINX, MILK Makeup, Refinery29 and performed for Women’s March and TEDx. Adam was a dance artist of a femme identifying contemporary dance theater company, MICHIYAYA DANCE, and recently became the creative advisor for their latest work. A multidimensional artist, Adam has taught and performed at venues and institutions like Yale University, Brooklyn Museum, Andy Warhol Museum, The Theater at 14th St Y, NYU Jack Crystal Theater, Baruch Performing Arts Center and Gibney Dance Center among others.

they/them · website


Sophie Lewis

Sophie Lewis is a writer, para-academic and utopian living in Philadelphia, lecturing widely and teaching courses at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, online. Sophie is the author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family (Verso Books, 2019) and Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation (forthcoming, October 4). Their essays on octopus documentaries and other queer subjects have appeared in n+1, the London Review of Books and The New York Times.

they/them · website · twitter · instagram


Nahee Kim

Nahee Kim(She/They) is an artist and programmer who explores the possibility of computational representation of sexual experiences and contemporary family institutions as biopolitical technology to control human reproduction. is Kim's virtual persona to share their playful speculation about computer programs to organize past sexual relationships and help sexual communication to enhance love and satisfaction. As, Kim creates code poems about sex, visual documentation about speculative sex toys and networks, web applications hosting machine-recognized sexual movements. Recently Kim focuses on her family programming project, <Daddy Residency> to delve into the truth of normative family structure. In <Daddy Residency>, Kim will have a baby by herself with donated sperm and raise the baby with multiple Daddy residents who will be recruited from the open call process of the project. By sharing this with the public as an art project, she tries to reveal and investigate her own and people’s discomforted feelings and responses towards the realization of the unconventional family planning project. She is based in Seoul and New York. She is a member of South Korean artist collective eobchae, was a resident of MassMOCA and a member of NEWINC, and will be a resident at Pioneer Works in Fall 2022.

She/They · website · twitter · instagram


Rebelle Cunt


Es Leso

Es is a second-gen, mixed race non-binary femme has had the privilege of dreaming & building in queer/trans, disabled movement spaces in NYC for the last decade-and-a-half. Es has also worked as a social worker for the last ten of those years utilizing their tendency for encyclopedic nerdism to build an extensive rolodex of accessible & queer-affirming programs, services, and community spaces throughout the city. Es has experience facilitating many'a community workshop; ranging from abolitionist sex education programming to art-alchemy empowerment groups. Es is a fervent believer in the power of human connection, resilience, & the sacred art of oral story-telling.

they/them · instagram


Our programs are conducted in spoken English with audiovisual materials such as slides, code examples and video.

Please take care and be well. We hope you are comfortable in your housing, living, and working situation in general. Never hesitate to ask us for advice and reach out if you have accessibility requests or need any assistance during your time at SFPC. We will work closely with you towards co-creating the most accommodating learning environment for your needs.

reach out with questions about access...

How do I apply?

Apply Now

Applications open until Applications closed on July 1, 2022.

You can expect to hear back from us about the status of your application on July 15, 2022. Please email us at with any questions you have.

more about what we look for in participants...

How much does it cost to attend?

For 10 classes, it costs $1400 + processing fees, for a one-time payment. We also offer payment plans. Participants can schedule weekly or monthly payments of the same amount. First and last payments must be made before the start and end of class. *Processing fees apply for each payment.

SFPC processes all payments via Withfriends and Stripe. Please email if these payment options don't work for you.

Upon payment, your space in the class will be reserved. We offer scholarships for those who cannot pay full tuition. Read more about scholarships below.

I can’t pay for SFPC. Can I come at a reduced rate, or for free?

If you can’t pay full tuition, we really still want you to apply. Our application will ask you how much you can pay. We will offer subsidized positions in all of our classes, once each one has enough participants enrolled that we’re able to do so.

We have also started a scholarship fund, and we will be offering additional scholarships as community members redistribute their wealth through SFPC. We direct scholarship funds towards participants who are low-income, Black, Indigenous, racialized, gendered, disabled, Queer, trans, oppressed, historicially excluded and underrepresented.

Right now, tuition is SFPC’s main source of income, and that is a problem. It means that we can only pay teachers, pay for space, and organize programs when participants pay full tuition to attend. Tuition is a huge barrier to entry into the SFPC community, and it disproportionately limits Black participants, indigenous participants, queer and trans participants, and other people who are marginalized, from participating. Scholarships are not a long term solution for us, but in the short and medium term we hope to offer them more while we work towards transforming SFPC’s financial model.

How can I help others to attend SFPC?

For SFPC to be the kind of place the community has always meant it to be, it needs to become a platform for wealth redistribution. If you are a former participant, prospective participant, or friend of the school, and you have the financial privilege to do so, please donate generously. There is enough wealth in this community to make sure no one is ever rejected because of their inability to pay, and becoming that school will make SFPC the impactful, imaginative, transformative center of poetry and justice that we know it can be.

What if I can’t go, can I get a refund?

  • Yes, we can give you 100% refund up to 10 days before class starts
  • 50% refund after 10 days, until the first day of the class
  • No refunds can be given after the first day of the class

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