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In an effort to build an alternative financial framework for continuing education and to establish a practice of mutual aid and reciprocity, we founded our first annual Winter Community Fundraiser to provide resources back into the SFPC community and ensure that no one is ever barred from our program due to their inability to pay.

We’re immensely grateful for the hundreds of community members who made one-time donations, became members on WithFriends, donated or bought items in our community market, asked their employers to match their donations, shared testimonials about their experiences at our school, and spread the word about our Winter 2023 fundraiser! Together, we raised an outstanding total of $90,981 in one month — 150% of our original goal of $60,000! ⁣⁣

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Community Market

Our community market from the Winter 2023 fundraiser is currently closed.

Artists within the SFPC community have donated a wealth of objects, art, prints, ephemera, gadgets, merchandise and more, which you can purchase. All proceeds from purchases made in our community market will go directly towards the Community Fundraiser.


days left


As we work towards our goal, follow along to see spotlights on items in the community market, testimonials from participants and teachers, progress updates, plus some special surprises! Join our newsletter to stay up to date on future sessions and events, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Become a member on WithFriends. Get in touch over email.

A big thank you to…

We’re endlessly grateful for our generous donors and Withfriends members for supporting scholarships in such a direct way. Gratitude for our community —past, present, and future, for our supporters, for those with curiosity who take a leap into this space, for the teachers, participants, and everyone in between.

Credits and acknowledgements
  • Organizers: Che-Wei Wang, Galen Macdonald, Melanie Hoff, Neta Bomani, Tega Brain
  • Community Market donors: American Artist, ann haeyoung, Carolyn AHearn, Chang Yuchen 常羽辰, Char Stiles, CW&T, Cy X of Pleasure Ceremony, emma rae bruml norton, Fern Goldfarb Ramallo, Galen Macdonald, Herdimas Anggara, Ida Benedetto, Jackie Liu, Jer Thorp, Jie Qi, Juan Miguel Marin, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Liza Stark, Luke Demarest, Matt Jacobson, Maya Man, Meghna Dholakia, Mindy Seu, MORAKANA (Tiri Kananuruk and Sebastian Morales), Neta Bomani, Paola Antonelli, Paul Soulellis, Ritu Ghiya, Ruha Benjamin, Runway, Ryan C. Clarke, Samantha Griffith, labr (Sam Lavigne & Tega Brain), Shannon Finnegan, Shiraz Abdullahi Gallab, Simone Browne, Space Type (Lynne Yun & Kevin Yeh), SPACEFILLER (Alex Miller), Surya Mattu, The Coding Train, Tiny Tech Zines, Zainab Aliyu
  • Design and web development: Space Type, Zainab Aliyu
  • Editorial: Kate Silzer, Neta Bomani
  • Advisors: Legacy Russell, Makayla Bailey, Momo Ishiguro
  • Former founders and administrators: Amit Pitaru, Jen Lowe, Taeyoon Choi, Zach Lieberman; Casey Gollan, Lauren Gardner
  • Fiscal sponsor: