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An Ode (Liquid Crystal Mode)

If you've ever visited SFPC's former space, at the Westbeth Artists Community located in New York City's West Village, you'll remember four large windows in front of the courtyard. This is where you might have peeked into before an event, or stood in front of to take a group picture at the end of your session. Now that the school is operating online, this tote bag serves as an ode to our former space, inspired by those four prominent floor to ceiling windows to memorialize our poetics of relation through a similar black frame which we now peek into through digital screens. Something tender about those windows is how participants and visitors would graffiti "School for Poetic Computation" on them over the years, refiguring the identity of the school through post-its, hand lettering and hand drawn sketches. Poetic computation is something everyone can participate in, and in a similar vein, the windows on the tote bag displays various definitions of poetic computation as contributed by people in our community. This tote bag is printed by Talking Dolls ( It was designed by Zainab Aliyu, inspired by the current website for SFPC that she also designed. learn more...

This item will be shipped starting the week of Monday, January 16, 2023. 100% of proceeds go towards scholarships at SFPC.

Apparel (Tote Bag)

$25 + shipping & tax Please note: We can only ship within the United States.

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Become a member via WithFriends. Benefits include: a generative wallpaper, access to special channels on our community Discord, special invites to SFPC events, a tote bag, and access to a digital archive of all SFPC publications.

Add our tote bag to your cart to increase your donation by $25. An Ode (Liquid Crystal Mode) is designed by Zainab Aliyu and printed by Talking Dolls.

Add a sticker pack to your cart to increase your donation by $10. Cathode Ray Sticker Pack is designed by Ritu Ghiya, Juan Miguel Marin, and Samantha Griffith.

Add a different sticker pack to your cart to increase your donation by $10. Liquid Crystal Sticker Pack is designed by Jackie Liu, Shiraz Gallab, and Samantha Griffith.

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