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Winter Care Package & Service

Includes a Herbal Care Package with pine salve, chai tea blend, calendula body oil, and bath salts in addition to your choice of one Pleasure Ceremony service: Energy Garden: An energy work and somatic offering for those who desire a deeper connection to their body and the earth; and want to work collaboratively with the earth to experience greater balance and ease through the seasons. Body Alchemy: one-on-one pleasure centered containers supporting you in getting to the core of what you specifically need to connect to your own pleasure medicine. Sensual Breathwork: In these sessions, we will work with the magic of the breath to release trauma from the nervous system and enhance your capacity to be present with your full sensual self. Ideal for those seeking to clear blockages, tend to unprocessed feelings, release trauma, and experience greater bodily awareness.

Scheduling will be coordinated within 3 to 5 business days. This item will be shipped starting the week of Monday, January 16, 2023. 100% of proceeds go towards scholarships at SFPC.

Miscellaneous (Bundle / pack)

$170 + shipping & tax Please note: We can only ship within the United States.

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Become a member via WithFriends. Benefits include: a generative wallpaper, access to special channels on our community Discord, special invites to SFPC events, a tote bag, and access to a digital archive of all SFPC publications.

Add our tote bag to your cart to increase your donation by $25. An Ode (Liquid Crystal Mode) is designed by Zainab Aliyu and printed by Talking Dolls.

Add a sticker pack to your cart to increase your donation by $10. Cathode Ray Sticker Pack is designed by Ritu Ghiya, Juan Miguel Marin, and Samantha Griffith.

Add a different sticker pack to your cart to increase your donation by $10. Liquid Crystal Sticker Pack is designed by Jackie Liu, Shiraz Gallab, and Samantha Griffith.

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