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Seeds for a New Pattern

A collectively made publication featuring original science fiction writings to encompass learnings from the Winter 2022 session of Reading into the Past / Writing into the Future. In the words of the teacher, Ashley Jane Lewis: “This term was graced with the most dynamic participants I have met in a very long time. It’s hard to put into words the atmospheric magic that we conjured each Sunday but, I promise you that, between the hours of 11am to 2pm you could not tell us that we weren’t sitting together in a room, sharing space and spinning stories. You could not tell us that we had only known each other for a number of weeks. You could not tell us that our imaginations would be limited by the crushing unending pressure of the pandemic. I am so honoured by the participant’s trust in our process. I am so grateful for their vulnerability and capacity to pull threads from their past and present to weave into a combined kinstellation of our near and distant future. You are all truly brilliant and I am so happy to know you.⁣ ⁣ With the help of stewards Neta Bomani, Zainab Aliyu and Galen Macdonald, as well as our incomparable assistant teacher, Carey J. Flack, the class was brought to fruition in ways that could truly bring me to tears. We have left this class so excited for “tomorrow.” With the path pre-paved by the likes of Butler, Benjamin, Duplan, Kimmerer, and Jemisin, the genre of diverse science fiction is so ready for these SFPC writers. You can close your eyes and just imagine the hoards of people dancing, swaying, gardening, sewing, cooking, singing—in every language!—and the like, as they enter this portal we’ve opened together.” Publication designed by Sam Griffith.

This item is made to order and production begins immediately after purchase.

100% of proceeds go towards scholarships and running programs at SFPC.

Printed Matter (Book / zine)

$25 + shipping & tax