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This summer at SFPC…

September 1, 2022 Summer 2022

As summer comes to an end, SFPC would like to celebrate another season of summer classes! This summer, participants joined us for Expressive Design with Video Games” with by Lawra Clark and Blake Andrews, “Me, Myself & I? Meditations on Mirrors, Thresholds, and Selves” with Gabrielle Octavia Rucker and Lara Okafor, “Learning to Love Mathematics” with Nabil Hassein and Sidony O'neal, “Experiments in Networked Performance” with Todd Anderson and Tiri Kananuruk, and “Sex Ed” with Melanie Hoff, Neta Bomani and Zainab Aliyu. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Boundary Drawing workshop by Karen Tian inspired by Venus Cuffs during the Sex Ed residency week at Performance Space New York. Seven people are huddled around a large piece of paper. Thick black brush strokes form abstract shapes on a large white piece of paper. A person is holding a tray of oil pastels.A screenshot of a participant named Yifan demonstrating a video game they made in Game Maker. A white outline of a blobby figure seated in a swivel chair appears with gold coins on the ground. The caption reads, “Congratulations, you have died with five coins. Press enter to be reborn.”Performance by Erika Choe, Si Xuan and Tyler Yin at CultureHub. Five performers are dressed in light neutral colors while moving. A projection of a desktop with a webcam window open that overlays a flocking pattern over the performers.A quote from Learning to Love Math participant Mariah Hill in response to the question “Did math streaming, the separation of students by perceived or assigned ability, show up in your education?”A screenshot of Lawra giving a Game Maker Studio tutorial. A dialogue box with a black background and orange and blue squares is at the center of the interface.A screenshot of Gabrielle presenting on the first day of their class. On her slide, a photograph of a young girl with long dark hair and a denim vest stares quizzically at a doll seated next to her who looks exactly like her. Gabrielle’s video feed is in the top left corner. She also has long dark hair and is wearing a pair of glasses.Performance by Carolyn Ahearn, who is seated in a chair in front of a projection. Fragments of instructions for the audience appear that read, “commands will show up on… (to your best ability).”A screenshoot of Gabrielle and students reading a poem. A pdf viewer application is open with the stanza of a poem in view. It reads, “In, through, inside, within / I eat this earth that I may know it / I bathe in this earth that I may become it / I stand on this earth that I may possess it / Swelling / dwelling / welling / dwell / be. / Stand up and walk into full sun. The charm is done.”Experiments in Networked Performance participants and teachers celebrating and applauding at the end of the show. Some participants and teachers are gathered in front of the projector, wearing surgical masks, looking out into the audience and applauding.Eros Dreaming Into Being workshop by Alyse Zella during the Sex Ed residency week at Performance Space. A small group of participants are seated in floor cushions as the golden sun shines through the windows.